This report sets out the achievements of this year’s committee.


This year we had 126 Competitors over 11 competitions with 390 entries (3.7% increase, compared to 376 last year). Average number of competitions entered: 3.09

The Novice/Grom’s category was continued to make it easier for first time riders to enter. This year we had 28 riders who had never competed in an ATBA-UK competition before.

The BoarderX race system has been revised to work better with smaller numbers of competitors. There were 177 BoarderX Entries.

Freestyle competitions for all categories have been run using a Jam format to make the competitions more interesting for the riders and spectators. There were 134 Freestyle entries.

After the success of last year’s Downhill competition, this year we did a three round Downhill Series for the riders who are into freeriding and downhilling. The competitions took place in the Lake District, Wales and Scotland and had 79 Downhill entries. We’ve secured four Centre-based competitions for 2013 and are working on three Downhill competitions.


This year we have 174 Members (16% increase, compared to 150 last year). The New Riders free membership has been a success bringing in 63 new mountainboarders into the community.


Regular Press Releases have been sent to newspapers and national and local sports organisations to raise the profile of the competitions.

The ATBA-UK youtube channel has been utilised to increase coverage of the events.


We have purchased a laptop and generator to make running competitions smoother and make the ATBA-UK more self-sufficient.


We are working on the first draft of an updated Instructor Manual which will give instructors a more robust skill set and allow Assessors to deliver the training in more ways.

Other achievements

We provided some rider sponsorship for Joe Dickson and Josh Maddocks to go to Russia to compete in the World Freestyle Challenge.

-Raph La Roche, Chairman