Let’s take a look at the Season Rankings as they currently stand.


Whoever places higher between Connor Clarke and Fynley Davies will win the Season BoarderX.

In Freestyle, only Tom Smith can beat Fynley now, and he needs to win at Bugs to do it


For Freestyle, it’s between Will McAuley (current leader), Angus MacDonald and Matt Wright. If Will places second at Bugs he wins.


Whoever places higher between Chloe Chew and Fiona Cruickshank in BoarderX wins.

It’s close between Rachel La Roche and Jenna Collins for Overall Ladies Champion. Rachel narrowly has is now but it could all change over the last three events!


Lots of positions still to be decided, but Harry Jessop is leading in Downhill.

In Boarderx, there is only one point between first and second, Scott Leadbitter and Michael Braithwaite, with a tie in third between chairman and vice-chairman Raph La Roche and Harry Jessop.

Raph and Harry are tying first place in Freestyle, so whoever wins at Bugs will take it.


Only 7 points separate leader Mark Sewell and Morgan Price in Downhill.

There are only 6 points between leader Tiege Stewart and Alex Smith for Boarderx Champion.

There is only 1 point between leader Micky Morris and Daf Price, but we might see a sneak attack from Mark Hale for Freestyle Champion.


In Boarderx, James Wanklyn, currently third, can win it if he wins at Bugs, otherwise its a race between joint first place Tom Donaldson and Matt Brind to see who can do better on the day.

Freestyle and Overall has already been decided, and yes, you guessed it, it’s Matt Brind.