So another season has dropped with a screaming BAAAAAAHHH!

After a long drawn out winter, on a sunny Saturday 26 brave riders descended on the tranquil Hampshire hills hoping to tame the Screaming Goat. A freeride style DH track that tests speed control, agility, stamina, decision making and bottle. Despite crossing the finish line white faced and with your heart on overdrive you can’t help but go back up for more. As we all found out sometimes you ride the goat sometimes the goat rides you.

This competition represents the sort of riding so many of us relish, it was freeriding places like this that made me learn the joy of speed control and drift. Once I had even a basic grasp of these techniques it suddenly opened up so much more terrain and as a rider I grew faster because of it.

It’s been a long time coming to have a competition where riders can showcase these skills and show what mountainboards are capable of in this environment. I feel we have opened a new chapter in UK DH and I’m so chuffed we had a good turn out an awesome laugh and minimal injures.

Check out the Results and read the Remolition Field Report. Video to follow sooooonn…

What we do in life echoes in eternity.