Well, well, well. Or should that be “wet, wet, wet”? It rained. Did that stop us mountainboarders though? Of course not! We persevered and somehow pulled off a full weekend of competition, including a live stream of the Downhill competition and a broadcast level live stream of the BoarderX knockouts!

Seriously, the team at Camera Innovations and The Dirt Podcast knocked the broadcasting out of the park and we strong recommend you go and check out the live streams on our YouTube channel.

Mountainboarders rock, Bugs Boarding and their crew are complete legends and we couldn’t do it without our sponsors: ATB Shop, MBS mountainboard, Haero Boards, The Dirt Podcast, Camera Innovations, The Brind Brothers, Amon Shaw Media, Skip Sounds, Trampa Boards.

Now, it’s finally time for the results! In a break from tradition, instead of having the results on the page here to view, you can find all the results from the weekend’s action here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DncfeQCdHkkmwJuf5qAfm1j2iGA1Z5WtdWEaQ9PfjlQ/edit?fbclid=IwAR0x68HKE0uvMO0elxhjOmBO0qowIV7o1TPQtgiGgtqK1dtoqEAVNab6Njs#gid=1270386385