Mountainboarding may be one of the youngest sports in Britain but Lincolnshire already boasts a national champion.

The low-lying countryside of Lincolnshire may not the most obvious place for a champion mountain boarder to be based but Emmeline Thrower is the reigning ATBA-UK Ladies Series champion. “It’s a cross between board sports and mountain biking,” said Emmeline who took up mountain boarding as an alternative to surfing. “I had a friend who surfed and we got fed up with travelling and then finding no surf when we got there.”I started in 2006. I did not know anything about boarding and trawled the internet. As soon as I stood on a board I knew I loved it. “I entered my first competition in 2009 and came sixth in the ladies event. Then I took a year out of competition to improve and came back to compete in 2011 and won overall.”

The boards are about 1m long with inflatable tyres. “They are really all-terrain boards that you can ride on any terrain except snow,” adds the 36-year-old gardener, who after taking the overall title for a four race series last year may not defend her title this year because she is planning to switch formats. There are boarder-X events which are freestyle competitions featuring tricks where judges award points, and standard races, and Emmeline added: “I may take a year out and concentrate on downhill racing.” Last year’s events were held in Cheshire, Shropshire and Herefordshire but Emmeline’s training is all local with partner Shane her driving force. She said: “He’s been competing in the ATBAUK competitions for quite a few years. We met at the last round of the 2008 series and has been coaching me since. I wouldn’t have done it without him.” Shane’s competitive action was limited in 2011 due to injury but he still managed to win a freestyle event under the Masters category.

ATBA-UK, the All Terrain Boarding Association, are the sports governing body in the UK and have appointed Emmeline Riders Rep for the East of the country. She’s certainly keen enough to spread the word. “We really want to get out to mountainboarders who aren’t necessarily riding at the competitions and get new people into the sport. To find out more visit

Published on Sunday 12 February 2012 by Bourne Local