Raph La Roche

Chairman – Raph La Roche
Raph is in all charge of all the work the committee does and making sure it all works towards the aim of supporting the growth of mountainboarding in the UK.

Harry Jessop

Vice-Chairman – Harry Jessop
Harry is in charge of organising the UK Series competitions and finding new places for Downhill comps.


Amanda Frost

Secretary – Amanda Frost
Amanda takes care of the business side of the ATBA-UK, making sure it complies to the UK business regulations and liaising with external organisations.

Matt Brind

Treasurer – Matt Brind
Matt is responsible for keeping track of how much money we spend and paying the bills.


Standards Secretary
Roger Swannell

Standards Secretary – Roger Swannell
Roger is responsible for Policies and Procedures, and the Instructor Training Programme.

Membership Secretary
Jenna Collins

Membership Secretary – Jenna Collins
Jenna is in charge of processing membership applications and sending out membership cards.


Press Liasion
Emmeline Thrower

Press Liasion – Emmeline Thrower
Emmeline writes our press releases and works hard to get mountainboarding in newspapers and magazines.

Riders Representative
Grove Sykes

Riders Representative – Grove Sykes
Grove helps to run competitions and brings the voice of the riders to the committee.


Digital Marketing
Lei Leonard

IMG_20130826_101952Lei communicates what the ATBA-UK is doing to the riders.

Event Assistant
Piers Sutton

Event Assistant – Piers Sutton
Peirs helps to run the UK Series competitions.