The All Terrain Boarding Association is the National Governing Body for Mountainboarding in the UK. It’s mission is to support the growth of mountainboarding in the UK as a sport, a recreational activity and as a community.

The ATBA-UK is a not-for-profit members organisation run by a volunteer committee and supported by many volunteers from the mountainboarding community.

Supporting the growth of mountainboarding

We use a ‘Pathways’ model that recognises that those who participate in mountainboarding can be classified into four groups; First-Time Riders, Hobbyist Riders, Recreational Riders and Competitive Riders:

  • First-Time Riders are those who have had their first lesson but don’t own their own equipment.
  • Hobbyist Riders are those who own their own board, ride occasionally and are not part of the mountainboarding community.
  • Recreational Riders are those who ride regularly and participate in the mountainboarding community.
  • Competitive Riders are those who participate in competitions.
  • Everything the ATBA-UK does is about strengthening those pathways to enable those who want to participate in mountainboarding at whatever level to do so and to move between the levels.