Mountainboarding is very varied and can be done in lots of different ways. Some people are are into going fast down mountains, others like doing tricks over jumps, and some enjoy sliding around in the woods.

Here’s a brief overview of the types of mountainboarding:

BoarderX (Boarder Cross)

Competitive BoarderX racing involves four riders racing against each other on specially made tracks with features like berms and rollers. Lots of riders like riding BoarderX tracks outside of competitions.


Freeriding is regarded by some as the purest form of mountainboarding. It’s about just enjoying the ride, not trying to be the fastest or most stylish. Freeriding can be done just about anywhere; in the woods, on grass slopes and down service tracks.


Freestyle is mostly about doing tricks over jumps. There are a few different types of Freestyle include Big Air, Slopestyle, Jib, Skatepark, and Street.


Competitive Downhill involves racing against the clock on long tracks, often down mountains and through woods. Many Downhill Mountainboarders use brakes and big wheels.